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Astrological Sign ARIES – MESHA Rashi

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This sign refers to people born :

1. in the sign Aries as Ascendant or

2. in the Nakshatras Ashwini and Bharani of the first quarter of Karthikai or

3. between 14th APRIL and 13th MAY.

Aries – Mesha is the first or head sign of the Zodiac. It commences at the vernal equinox and extends upto exactly 30 degrees. (Suo’ during its course from South to North crosses the celestial equator and enters into the Northern Hemisphere. This intersecting point is called the vernal equinox.) According to the Nirayana system, the vernal equinox or the beginning of Mesba (i.e. first point of the Zodiac) is considered to be ever constant and is said to coincide with the fixed star Aswini, zero degree; and the stars Aswini, Bharani and the first quarter of Karthikai always occupy Mesha or Aries. In the Sayana system, however, the retrograde motion of the Zodiac (at the rate of approximately 50 seconds per year) is taken into consideration and so nowadays Sayana Aries commences at around the 7th degree of the Pisces-Meena. The sun crosses this first point of Sayana Aries (Nirayana Pisces, Meena 7 degrees) which bus gone by retrograde motion by ncarly 23 degrees, on 21st March every year. After 71 years, the sun will cross this point on the 20th March; in 142 years on the 19th March; in 213 years on the 18th March and so on. At that time when according to both S Sayana and Nirayana systems, the initial point of commencement of the Zodiac coincided, the sun reached the vernal equinox on 14th April. After about 21,000 years also, the sun will reach the vernal equinox on 14th April. As Hindus follow the Nirayana System and I personally advocate the stellar theory, all the delineations given below refer only to the Nirayana System. Hence for people porn either in Aries as Ascendant or Moon or Sun in Aries in Aswini or Bharani or Karthikai first pada, the following characterstics will be applicable : 1.e., (a) Aries Ascendant (lagna), or (b) people born in Aswini Nakshatra or in Bharani Nakshatra or in Kar- thikai Nakshtra first (c) people born between 4th April and 13th May any year..

Aries is an equinoctial sign. It is fiery and hot by nature. It is termed bestial and sterile. It is a mova- ble or a cardinal sign. It is said to be masculine or positive and is of short ascension. Aries is generally symbolised by a Ram, being in nature rash, combative, lascivious, springy and hardy. It is called an Oriental sign denoting the beginning of the Right Ascension as it represents the gate of Gold on the east. Aries represents head and face in the human body, It is ruled by Mars. Sun gets exalted in this sign. Saturn is debilitated, whereas Venus is said to be in its fall in this sign, as it is the.7th sign opposing Libra owned by Venus.

Physical appearance

Persons born under this sign are of middle stature. They possess a lean and muscular body. They are neither stout nor thick. Their complexion will be ruddy and they have a fairly long neck and face. Their head will be broad at the temples and narrow at the chin. They have. Bushy eyebrows, eyes grey to greyish brown with sharp sight Their hair will be wiry, colour varying from dark to sandy. In adult age they go bald at the temples. If malefics are posited in Aries as Lagna, there will be a mole or scar on the head.

Mental tendencies

As Mars rules this people born in Aries will be ever active and ambitious. They are bold and impulsive. If the ascendant is afflicted ted they will be rash and aggressive. Beneficial aspects give them confidence and courage. They always aim big and are ever enterprising.


Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, persons born under this sign will desire to be at the head of all affairs. They do not relish suggestions from others but act only according to their own judgment They do not like subordination but wish to be the leaders in thought and action. They are best fitted to guide, control and govern otbers if the ascent. dant receives beneficial aspects. Being a positive sign, it gives determination and force of character. Arians act quickly with unbounded self-confidence. They have much of executive ability and uncompromising spirit. Being born in a movable sign, they will not hesitate to change whatever they dislike and whenever they want. They cannot wait patiently for opportunities to come but will go out and create them to fulfil their desire. If they do not come out sucessful easily, they face the difficulties with greater strength till they realise their ambition. As Aries is a fiery sign, their mind will be pregnant with ideas and their desire will be to execute them at once. They are best fitted to deal with any situation or emergency, They can never sacrifice their personal. desires for others. If the sign is afflicted, the Aries born will.be drawn into a quarrel and if they do not fare well, they become fretful and boisterous. They will try to stick to their own views They will not see others opinion but rather they will underestimate others. They are over-optimistic and wildly enthusiastic and so generally they overshoot the mark. They will over-trade in business. They are not the people who look before they leap. Nor do they mark time till their ideas are crystallised. Consistency is not their virtue. They will take up fresh enterprises before completing those on hand. Even if they occupy a bumble and subordinate position, they will try to be at the head of some branch of their work. They are never content to remain just one in many. Very quickly they scheme, plan and execute with the ultimate object of directing others. If Aries is affected, the natives’ enthusiasm is converted into fanaticism, strong will into stubbornness and boldness into foolhardiness; liberals are turned into radicals. They are ardently demonstrative and passionate. They cannot tolerate criticism and they try to be independent Evil planets in the ascendent make them aggressive, proud, arrogant, headstrong, hasty, quarrelsome and truculent. They will be egoistic with the T Predominating in them.They are tenacious and purpose. Their accent is om the ends and not on the means.

Health and Disease

Generally good health will allowed by the Atlantic. They will have enough of immunity tom, and resistance to infectious diseases as Mars rule the sign: but they are prone to minor Injuries Tequently and also to serious accident on casio call. particularly to the head. Wherever there is an elemen of is, the Aries born should exercise care especially when they drive cars or work with sharp Instruments, etc. Noth men and women born in this sign will be fond of sports because they are capable of 8dea spurts of energy, They are better fitted for games lasting only for a few minutes than for matches lasting for a long duration Arles indicates the head. The sixth house there from is Virgo which denotes digestive system and also the nature of ailment to the Aries born. Therefore they are liable to suffer from headaches, burns inflammatory diseases, affections of the brain, neuratlgia coma, high fever, colic pain, paralysis, apoplexy, pimples, insomnia, ringworms, migraine, smallpox malaria, infection of the brain, thrombosis, etc. They require plenty of rest and sleep and also good food with plenty of vegetables. They have to relax and control their feelings. They should avoid worry, excitement and anger. As a patient, the native becomes impatient of sickness and tries to have a quick recovery. They have to avoid stimulants and take less of meat Aries indicates the bones of the skull and face except the nasal one. It also represents the muscles like occipital, deprimens articularum, buccinator, frontals, attolens, temporates and zygomaticus. Arteries like internal carotids and temporal carotides are also shown by Aries; so also the cephalic veins.

Finance and Fortune

Though people born in this sign are not for amassing wealth, yet they have a desire to earn much and spend likewise. They may lose money through impulsive purchases and rash investments. They have no mind to save but are always extravagant and careless. They always think only of today and never of tomorrow. Evil planets in Aries show that they will start any enterprise in a (lash which will end in a crash. They never balance their budgets. On a later date, they will realise that such extravagant and rash action is not helpful. The best remedy for them is to think before they act. They will dole out all advice to others in the matter of spending and saving, but will not follow it themselves. Romance and Marriage: Arians are extremely frank and enthusiastic even in love. Their good nature and charm attract the opposite sex. They do not dream but take practical steps. They want freedom, adventure in love and everlasting affection which is somewhat difficult. If the dominant nature  is a little softened, they can be really happy. Further, they should not be impatient, rash and emotional. They should avoid roving eyes on others but stick on to the old lover who would keep them delighted.

The Aries wives (ladies born in Aries)

will be witty and clever conversationalists, ambitious and independent, social and unconventional, efficient and generous. If Aries is afflicted, she will have pride not only in her appearance but also in the domestic environments. She will always speak high of her own family as being much superior to others. There is no person she values more highly than herself and her family. Jealousy and pride are her outstanding weaknesses. She will always expect her husband to attend on her, speak high of her and never praise anybody- else especially in her presence. She will try to lead all social gatherings. She will prove to be a good host. She will love only such a man whom she can admire. She will prove to be a good wife throughout life if she is allowed to keep a dominant hold over the family affairs. If perchance an Aries lady marries a simple man, she will overpower and subdue bim in all activities. For Aries ladies, strong-willed, masculine men will suit best. Since these ladies will be a little aggressive, it is for the husbands to be patient and tactful in dealing with them, so that harmony may prevail. These ladies despise anything mean or under handed. They are inclined to be critical and occasionally overbearing. Aries women become very romantic and are given to sudden spurt of enthusiasm. Husbands born under Leo or Sagittarius will be able to cope with the Aries ladies. Libra borns will tone down the fiery nature of the Aries natives and purchase peace at any price.

Aries husbands (gents born in Aries)

will prove to be very desirable partners because most girls generally look for people with leadership and initiative. They usually choose beautiful, clever and good wives. The partners have to adjust themselves to avoid dishar mony.. Whenever Aries borns bappen to be in a mood, they prefer to be geherous and bountiful. They are often liberal to a fault as they would foolishly spend away money immediately after receipt. Without any planning and without having money on band, they will make impulsive purchases on credit. Therefore those who marry Aries borns, should always save a portion of what the husbands give them. Wives of Aries men should try to be popular with their husbands’ friends and bave a modern outlook.

Domestic Environments

People born in Aries Jove their bome and family. They will always try to be in the midst of their family members. They try to keep the house neat. They are excellent hosts and keep good company. They never lack in friends who will pay visits often and keep them cheerful.


Aries indicates such of the professions which Mars rules. If the planet wbich denotes one’s profession by owning either the 2nd or the. 6th or the 10th house in one’s horoscope, occupies Aries in Rasi or lord of the 10th house occupies, in navamsa, Aries or if Aries happens to be the second or the sixth or the tenth house and the lord Mars is very strong, then any of the following will be the profession of the Army officer, captain in the army or in the navy, soldiers, defence department, surgeons, butchers, barbers, police, A. R. P. officials, chemists, bailiffs, thieves, smiths, tailors, cutter, bakers, armourers, watchmakers, dyers, cooks, carpenters, gamesters, general, physicians, boxers, workers in iron and steel, officers of law, firemen, guards, detectors, mechanics, wrestlers, workers in lime and brick kilns, dealers in sports goods, red articles, workers in factory, industry, mills, etc. (Mars strong and occupying the 10th house of Aries as lord of 2 or 6 or 10 indicates defence depart ment. Sun. conjoined with Mars denotes medical department in the defence services or a surgeon. Saturn, the chief governor for longevity, in Aries shows that he may be a.butcher as he has to be slaughtering. Saturn is for removal or putting an end to the growth and Venus is to beautify: hence Saturn and Venus in Aries show that the native may be a barbet or will have a salon. Jupiter, weak, occupying Aries shows that one will be in the Police department in the crime branch. Venus also in any manner connected with them shows that one will be in the traffic police depart ment, as Venus denotes vehicle and traffic. Saturn being of a body nature indicates along with intelligent Mercury that the person will be in the C.I. D. Depart ment. Saturn and Mars with afflicted Mercury make one a thief. Sun and Mars produce goldsmiths, So also Jupiter and Mars with Venus makes one a dealer in jewellery. Venus denotes dress; hence Venus and Mars are responsible for tailors. Sun and Venus produce boxers, wrestlers and dealers in sports goods. Mercury produces mechanical engineers. Tbus onc has to fix the profession. These will be dealt with in detail when profession is taken up separately.


Aries denotes the ground for the cattle to graze, sandy soil, hilly ground, unfrequented places, hide-outs for thieves, a little raised plateau, etc. Within the house, Aries indicates the covering, ceiling and plastering, stables for small cattle, pieces of land recently ploughed, etc.

Direction: East


Bombs, fireworks, heavy acids, rails, tractors, buses, motors, machinery, iron and steel, reclamation of slums, waste-lands, etc., and the crops cultivated in such areas.

Countries and Cities

Britain, Galatia, Germany, Lithuania, Lower Poland, Palestine, Denmark, Syria, Judia (Lebanon), Burgundy, Damascus. Verona, Naples, Florence, Capua, Marseilles, Brunswick, Padur, Saragossa, Leicester, Cracow Utrecht, Madras


The handwriting of the Aries born will be stiff and rigid with sharp angles and narrow books. The words will be generally slanting to the right though occasionally they may be upright. As they write, the lines will be ascending and the words will be connected in groups of three and four. The strokes of the words will be thick and they will be separated lavishly. Tbey invariably draw a long and thick line after signing their signature.

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