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Astrological prediction for Sun in Aries sign

Transit of Sun Mercury Venus and Mars in 2018

The Sun is between the Earth and the sign Aries. The Nakshatras Ashwini, Bharani and the first quarter of Karthikai will be on the background. The Sun is said to be exalted here as it blends well with the intrinsic nature of the sign Aries.

As Mars is the lord of the sign, the results of the Sun in Aries will be similar to the results of Sun and Mars put together. Aries is the most strong and beneficial position for the Sun which gives life to all. It is a perennial spring of vitality ever gushing forth. Abundant vitality gives the energy and power to act and work; if intelligently used, one will do anything and there is nothing impossible to Aries born.

People with Sun in the Ascendant in Aries will be of middle stature. They are strong and well made with robust health. Complexion will be good. Their eyes will be full though they may have vitamin A deficiency and suffer from night-blindness.

Sun produces people of noble disposition with a dignified, enthusiastic and self-assertive personality. They will ave a sincere and courageous disposition. They delight tin warlike deeds and fight to the last till they come out victorious. They are formidable to their enemies. They will take interest in the govern mental and pioneering projects. They are independent, gallant and courageous. They will never waste time in idle talks. They are people to act as they desire with- out caring for the consequence.