Solution, when you have not your exact birth data

Prashna Kundli India is the most different form of astrology which helps to analyze the question. Prashna Kundli is created at that very moment when the person asks the question.

Astro consultation online for Prashna Kundli India is generated at the time and place of the question asked by the person. It helps in predicting the future happenings whether it is related to success, failure, love or career problems.

Prashna Kundli  is the unique system of vedik astrology which analyze the kundli acording to the question. It is a Horari Astrology system in kundli is made accordig to the Prashna. Astrologer Generate the Kundli for the question by the help of time and place, where it is asked.

Vedik Horary Astrology

By the help of Prashna Kundli India a solution can be find for any problem. It is the ancient method of Astrology.

Benefits of Prashna Kundli are that time of the birth is not needed. A Prashna Kundli  is instantly created with the help of application software.  Answers are usually accurate. Any type of question can be answered. Prashna Kundli India talks about the present situations rather than analyzing the future.

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