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Buri Nazar : An EVIL EYE or an EVIL SPELL

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Buri Nazar : An EVIL EYE or an EVIL SPELL

Sometimes events and circumstances seem out of control. It can be on family issues, may be related to children or any other form, if we have not any logical explanation about the situation then we have to find answers with metaphysical connections called Buri Nazar.

It may be sound like finding solution in thin air for solid physical problems, but miraculously these solution works more than our expectation. Mostly it’s comes from social consciousness and provide harmless remedy to specific problem, which has no physical relevance.

On the family, It can destroy the peace and the harmony of the family for no apparent reason. Generally when no direct cause is detected, such happenings are attributed to the Evil Eye or an Evil Spell cast on the family. In common parlance it is called ‘buri nazar, tona or totka etc’.  What ever be the truth , an upaya can bring relief in most cases.


On a Sunday, burn a little kachcha koyala (wood charcoal) along with dried  droppings  of either a camel or a deer (Camel dung or deer dung) in an earthen pot. When the charcoal and the camel / deer droppings get red, sprinkle a few mustard seeds and a little bat droppings over it and carry the smoking pot around the house, in every nook and corner. The best place you can collect the bat droppings from is the deserted old buildings where bats roost during the day. Repeat this process for at least 13 Sundays.

Keep at home a small piece of Sita Ashok tree root at the pooja sthan so that a pooja of this piece is done every day . This piece will protect the family from any evil eye or spell.

On the children

For all we know the child might be suffering from some illness and a medical help may be required. Therefore, first contact the doctor. But when no apparent reason is detected it again is attributed to the evil eye or the evil spell. In the case of young children the evil eye or ‘buri nazar’ can manifest in various forms:

– The most common form is ‘nazar lagana’. The women folk in the house easily detect it.  Along with medical treatment, traditionally they have been doing either of these two upaya :

  • Take a small piece of alum (fitkari), move it over the child 7 times and throw the alum piece into fire to burn. Some people even discern the shape of the person who cast the evil eye on the child in the burning alum but that may not be correct and should not be done.
  • Take a few pieces of sabut namak (whole salt), move it over the child 7 times and throw the salt pieces into the fire to burn. The same process could be done with red chilies also.

– The child doesn’t sleep at night and instead keeps crying , along with medical treatment the following upaya can also be done. :- Place under the pillow of the child dry goat droppings (bakari ki megni) tied in a cloth.  Keep it under the pillow till the child starts getting good sleep.

– The child doesn’t drink milk or vomits it out. Along with the medical treatment, the following upaya can also be done :- Either on a Saturday or a Sunday, take a little milk in an earthen bowl (sakora) , move it over the head of the child 7 times and give it to a dog to drink. Repeat the process till the child starts taking milk normally.

– The child suddenly startles as if dreamt some thing horrible or starts crying while asleep , in general gets scared. Once again talk to the doctor and at the same time either of these two upaya can be done :

  • Make the child wear round his neck, on a Sunday , a small iron sword  (half an inch long) in a black thread.
  • Place under the pillow of the child a small piece of alum (fitkari) after reading “ shri Ram bhakta Hanuman ki jai” over the piece 108 times. Let the piece stay under the pillow till the child stops getting scared at night.

Upaya for all kinds of ‘ Bal Arishta’

If the following upaya is done regularly, you might not face any of the problems listed above. Just these upaya might be all you ever need.

  • Either on a Tuesday or a Saturday , take the child to the Hanuman temple. Apply a tilak  of sindoor on the fore head of the child. The sindoor should be taken from the right shoulder of the Hanuman idol.
  • It is known as Hanuman Kavach.

 On a Tuesday get an asht-dhatu kara (bangle) made to the size of the child’s wrist. The kara should not be joined at the ends (bina jor ka kara). On a Saturday morning keep it dipped in Ganga Jal for a couple of hours, later the same day take the kara to a Hanuman temple and place it before Lord Hanuman praying that this kara be the kavach for my child to ward off any ills or troubles on him. Apply a little Hanuman sindoor, taken from the right arm of Hanuman idol, on the kara. Make the child wear it the same day (i.e. Saturday).