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36 characteristics in Horoscope matchmaking

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36 characteristics in Horoscope matchmaking

In Horoscope matching (kundali milan), we consider a total of eight types of qualities (gunas). These qualities are assigned different weights. The highest weight is given to the Nadi, and the lowest weight is assigned to the Varna.

It is interesting to note that greater weightage was given by our ancients on factors like progeny, emotional compatibility, basic nature and friendship than romantic love. It is also important to note that the points indicate favorable circumstances for success of marriage. Actual marriage can succeed only when both individuals put in the right effort and do their marital duties well.

Nadi (8 points) – decided based on nakshatra (star sign like ashlesha, phalgun etc) There are 21 nakshatras total divided into 3 groups – antya madhya and adhya. Best match is person outside your nakshatra group..e.g. antya with madhya or adhya. It indicates physical compatibility and ability to have children. Couples with same nadi often face problems conceiving. Points given are 8 or 0.

Bhakoot (7 points) – it is emotional compatibility based on your ascendent or lagna (sign on eastern horizon at time of birth). Certain planet combinations are more favorable. Indicates sensitivity of both partners to each other’s emotional needs. Points given are 7 or 0.

Gan (6 points) – every person is classified into 3 ganas – devta, rakshas and manav (godly, demoniac,human). It represents a person’s basic nature..like devtas are introverted, simple living etc while rakshas may be more aggressive etc. Best match is same gana as you. Second best match is with dev manav or rakshas manav worst is opposite. Points given are 6,5 or 0

Maitri (5 points ) – Based on planetary compatibility of moon sign or rashi. Indicates ability of couple to develop friendship with each other based on mutual interests, likes and dislikes. Points given are 5 or 0.

Yoni (4 points) – Based on nakshatra again. Indicates physical compatibility in terms of attractiveness and ability to satisfy each other. Also over all health and well being.

Deena or Tara (3 points) – based on nakshatra indicates longevity of couple and possibility of widowhood etc

Vaasya (2 points) – based on nakshatra indicates mutual affection and romantic love between the couple.

Varna (1 point) – indicates occupational nature and compatibility. E.g some people like to do research and study, others like to work with their hands etc

Total points 36. Anything above 18 is considered compatible. 28 indicates smooth and happy marriage.