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Be cautious during such planetary periods before placing bets in business

Rahu and business Rahu problem and solution लाल किताब के अनुसार विभिन्‍न भावों में राहू का असर devi devta

Some planetary periods are such that no matter how strong your horoscope is, there is certain loss during those periods. Rahu is one such planet. Whether it’s Rahu’s major period, sub-period, sub-sub-period, or minor period, whenever Rahu’s role comes into play, it will certainly cause loss in business. Daily traders should also pay special attention to Rahu’s transit, Rahu’s period, and Rahu’s time during the day.

What is Rahu?

In astrology, Rahu is called the planet of uncertainty. According to the mythological story, when the nectar emerged from the churning of the ocean, Vishnu, who came in the form of Mohini, took it away. Later, the gods were made to sit in a queue and Lord Vishnu himself started making them drink the nectar one by one. During this time, a demon also disguised himself and sat in the queue. The Sun and the Moon recognized him. When Mohini in the form of Vishnu was making the disguised demon drink the nectar, the Sun and the Moon immediately alerted him and Lord Vishnu cut off the demon’s throat with his Sudarshan. By then, the nectar had done its job. The body was divided into two parts. The head part was called Rahu and the torso part was called Ketu.

Whenever Rahu’s role comes into play in the horoscope, Rahu, being the head part, attacks the head part of the native. As a result, Mercury, which is the planet of intelligence, gets afflicted. Jupiter, which is life-giving, gets afflicted and due to their tattling, the annoyed Rahu and Ketu also eclipse the Moon and the Sun.

How does it cause damage?

My personal experience has been that when Rahu’s period, sub-period, sub-sub-period, and minor period, when Rahu is going to cause damage to the native, it brings such promising possibilities in front of the native, that the native feels that by taking advantage of a certain golden opportunity, he/she will be able to progress very quickly. But as soon as the investment is made, the loss starts to occur. The cyclical process of loss runs so fast that the native cannot get out of this vicious cycle even if he/she wants to, and the damage keeps happening.

The main ways it causes damage are…

It sinks capital investment It destroys short-term or say, investments that last till the period of Rahu It jams the money rotation going on in business in a joint business, it spoils mutual understanding Many times it suddenly causes a big loss from litigation and Govt.

Does Rahu always cause loss?

If we talk about the probability, then in 90 or 95 percent of the cases out of 100, Rahu causes loss. In the remaining five to ten percent of cases, if there is a profit, it is short-term profit, eventually, that profit also goes away. Very few people are there who can take the money, property, or profit earned during Rahu’s period to the future periods.

How long is Rahu’s period?

Rahu’s major period lasts for eighteen years. In any other period, Rahu’s sub-period can last from six months to three years. For example, Rahu’s sub-period will be small in the Sun’s major period and Rahu’s sub-period will be large in Venus’s major period. Rahu’s sub-sub-period lasts for a few months and the minor period lasts for a few days. The longest duration is of the major period, less than that of the sub-period, less than that of the sub-sub-period, and the shortest duration is of the minor period. As long as Rahu’s period will last, Rahu’s effect will remain on the native’s horoscope.

What can be done to avoid this?

Generally, it is best to avoid taking harsh and solid decisions during Rahu’s period. It is best to hang on to opposite deals and deals until the end of Rahu’s period, after the end of Rahu’s period, the situations start to become normal again. Divine help can be obtained by obtaining the grace of Bhairavji.

The meanings of Rahu are different for each native and if we talk about astrological remedies, then there are specific remedies for Rahu for each horoscope. For this, seriously treat the advice of a competent astrologer, then much more can be saved from the loss, you cannot expect much progress.

Siddharth Jagannath Joshi