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What to Expect and What to Avoid From an Online Astrology Reading

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Live astrology sessions, particularly those that are done via the Internet can be both eye-opening and intriguing because of the tons of benefits that they can bring. On one hand, astrology is known for being a language of symbols, it can show your life purpose, help you when making important decisions, and so on. On the other hand, they (the symbols) are abstract and this is why it is intriguing, especially if it is your first time to have it. So, if you are seriously thinking of having an appointment with a reputable astrology reader, but you want to do it at the comfort of your home and try online reading instead, then you came to the right place since this is what this article is all about.

First, what is an astrology reading?

Before we get to the details, we should first know what astrology reading is really is. And in simple terms, it is an analysis as well as interpretation of a professional that is done by examining your birth chart (which happens to be unique). In general, it may include taking a look at progressions or transits, or other predictive methods; it can be conventional Western astrology reading or its uncommon Jyotish or Vedic counterpart. Just bear in mind that in every case, only the astrologer—regardless if your reading is going to be done personally or via the Internet—is your birth chart.

What to expect from a professional astrology reading?

Contrary to many beliefs, a professional astrology reading will be a conversion and not a lecture. The expert that will perform it will analyze your chart and afterwards, identify the true nature of its patterns and energies. But take note that he/she can only guess at how you are coping with them. Usually, in the first half of the reading, you will do most of the talking and he/she will only listen and interpret your stories to see how you fit within the groundwork of the chart. And then the reader will experience your energies, explore how they work in a more conscious and sensible way.

What an astrology reading can inform you.

With the use of your birth chart, an astrologer can deliver a nonjudgmental analysis of what you are. This is because the chart is made up of your potential weaknesses and strengths, challenges, inborn talents, and areas where you have the tendency to be come stuck in, and the likes. In addition to these, he/she can describe what you have to be developed, what can motivate a job change, and so on.

What an astrology reading cannot tell you.

While an astrology reading can notice the trends in your chart, bear in mind that they do not include the full details. This is because a reader is not trained to know how to disclose your peculiar themes. He/she only notices them in a general way, which is arguably the best way to utilize your enemies. Putting this factor into consideration, you can easily grasp if his/her tendencies are consistent and can underlie your varying specifics. This is most true if it is your first time to have your reading.

What about destiny?

Remember that your birth chart is like a coded map and not a rundown of events that are waiting to happen; for this reason, a vast majority of astrology readers believe that your “destiny” does not exist. Therefore, the wild card here is your free choice, which eventually becomes more and more free, the more responsive and aware you become. It may disappoint you, at first, but take notice that celestial cycles as well as heavenly bodies do not allow readers to not have the power to announce themes.

However, they have the ability to interpret your state, using your own psyche. For example, a self-aware individual who has an intense Mars (has strong motivation, ambition, and vitality), can show raw courage and possess the tendency to attract those who exemplify the same quality. The same is true for the other planets that are included in your chart, each if them have the probability to be echoed or emulated back to you in a more creative manner.

What to avoid when choosing an astrology reader.

In general, astrology readers are not required to be licensed; as such, any individual can basically claim that he/she can deliver professional astrology reader. Nonetheless, it is important to note that there are a myriad of legit readers out there who can engage in the said craft and offer readings with integrity and at the same time deliver genuine insights. It should be noted, though, that there are also illegitimate ones that can be considered scam artists. So, without further ado, below are the general guidelines of what to avoid when consulting astrology readers.

  • Avoid individuals who combine other methods like palm reading or tarot with astrology. Chances are, they may be legit, but you may not obtain an authentic astrology reading.
  • Avoid self-proclaimed professionals who do not inquire about your full birth information (date, time of birth, and location) in advance. This is because the protocols of genuine readers are running your birth chart and familiarize themselves with it before they do the actual reading.

Summing up

It is safe to say that astrology is exceptional when it comes to showing your life purpose, making important decisions, and many others. However, like other uncommon systems that are utilized to address the mentioned prerequisites, having a clear understanding of it and basically having an idea of what to expect can play a key role with regard to appreciating it and making it work for you. Relatively, it is like a perspective that enables you to live your life to the fullest and more!

Do you have some words of wisdom for first-time astrology reading recipients who want to make sure that their first one is memorable and frequent recipients who want to make the most of their readings? Don’t hesitate to share them in our comments section.