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Time Will Come!

Time Designer Baby Online Astrologer in India

Some one is still bachelor. Someone got married and ‘waited’ 10 yrs before having a child, there is another who had a baby within time of a year of marriage.

Someone graduated at the age of 22, yet waited 5 years before securing a good job; and there is another who graduated at 27 and secured employment of their choice immediately!

Someone became CEO at 25 and died at 50 while another became a CEO at 50 and lived to 90 years.
Everyone works based on their ‘Time Zone’

People can have things worked out only according to their pace. Work in your “Time zone”.
Your Colleagues, friends, younger ones might “SEEM” to go ahead of you.
May be some might “SEEM” behind you.

Don’t envy them or mock them, it’s their ‘Time Zone.’
You are in yours!

Hold on, be strong, and stay true to yourself. All things shall work together for your good.

You’re not late … You are not early … you’re very much On Time!!