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Astrological benefits of reading Gita

ज्‍योतिष और गीता पठन के लाभ Benefits of Reading the Gita

Benefits of Reading the Gita

The benefits of reading the Gita, according to the Gita itself, are:

  1. Freedom from fear and sorrow
  2. Attaining Visnu Padam (the state of Vishnu, the omnipresent preserver.)
  3. When done together with Pranayama (breath-control exercises), sins of even past births are cleared.
  4. It destroys Samsaramala, the dirt/waste that sticks to one by living in the world.
  5. There is no re-birth for the reader.

There is a book called Prarthana Tarangini, which gives the benefits of reading the different chapters of the Gita. I tried it. It works but in a different way from what you might expect. The benefits of reading different chapters, according to the Prarthana Tharingini (prayer book) are as follows:

  • Chapter 2: Karya Siddhi: Success in work
  • Chapter 3: Easy Delivery of a baby
  • Chapter 4: Good Children
  • Chapter 5: Success of good deeds
  • Chapter 6: All good things
  • Chapter 7: Good marriage of child
  • Chapter 8: Removal of sorrow
  • Chapter 9: Removal of disease
  • Chapter 10: Removal of poverty
  • Chapter 11: Driving away ghosts
  • Chapter 12: Increasing devotion
  • Chapter 13: Self Realisation
  • Chapter 14: Removal of family conflicts
  • Chapter 16: Removal of ill-fame, insults and suspicion
  • Chapter 17: Eliminating problems brought on by planetary problems
  • Chapter 18: Removal of mental problems and sadness.