Home Jobs and career Corporate Jobs and Uncertainty of Rahu: Astrological Reason

Corporate Jobs and Uncertainty of Rahu: Astrological Reason

Corporate Jobs and Uncertainty of Rahu: Astrological Reason
Corporate Jobs and Uncertainty of Rahu: Astrological Reason

Corporate Jobs and Uncertainty of Rahu

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Astrological Phenomenon of Job Crash in Corporate Field. Rahu creates problems in jobs, confusions in decision making, creates hurdles in promotions and professional growth, leads toward office conflicts etc. Rahu leads to the undiagnosable disease / illness, disturbed sleep patterns and immense depression very often.

Many top notch corporate professional approach astrologer after losing their top position which they have lost recently. They have no idea that how did it happened and how to get back into business.

Although there can be thousands of reason which can explain individual case of corporate failure, but most of them are connected with Rahu, yes the north node in astrology gives the result of uncertainty. Rahu is lord of uncertainty, without any ground, without any reason, without any circumstances it can prove a jataka fail in his job. We may find him as master of deception, mystery and illusion.

First we have to know about Rahu: the north node. Rahu have not any physical body, so astronomically one can deny it identity. But in astrology falit sutras says that an observer, who is standing on the earth and look up into the sky, can observe two circular paths.

One is made by moon, which is actual path because moon is orbit of earth. And second is made of sun, it is virtual rather than actual. So when these to circular movement cross each other then it will gives us two significant points. One in north called north node and other is in south called south node that is Ketu.

Mythological reference of Rahu found in “Devasur sangram” that is fight between lords and demons. Both try to be more powerful so they decided to do “Samudra manthan” churning the belly of the great sea. In this practice both find nectar which can be useful to remain one ever live and ever youthful called “AZAR-AMAR”.

Supreme lord Vishnu takes this vessel of nectar and give it to Devas, but a demon manage to line up with devas in disguise and succeed to take a drop of it. Sun and Moon noticed it told about it to lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu acknowledges it immediately and cut that demons through throat into two parts, but the drop of nectar did not allow it to die. So the demon remains alive in two parts. Head part is called Rahu and tail part called Ketu.

It is said that though Lord Vishnu was already aware of the real identity of Swarbhanu, he let him consume the Nectar as he knew that it all was already a part of the cosmic plan and that he had already been blessed by Lord Brahma with a boon which conferred upon him the power and status of a Planet, as a result of his severe penance.

Now with this mythological reference we can understand Rahu. It is head only, so it will affect head part of jataka. Because it is demon then it will create confusion about decisions. It has ruling over “Vaat Vikar” in body. It is careless about body, it may appear in disguise form.

In the corporate world, if some person is sitting in a responsible post involving critical decision, then his/her decision are not just “right” or “wrong”. MUCH beyond this, their decision MUST be fruitful. When a jataka is running into Sun Mahadasha or Mars Mahadasha or Saturn Mahadasha then decision could be proved fruitful most of the time. But in the Rahu Mahadasha (or Antardasha) even a CEO could not manage to prove his decision fruitful. Delusion of right decision will lead him to undesirable circumstances (Rahu Effect on Corporate Job / Career).

Rahu also a planet of instability, when a jataka run into Rahu Mahadasha, Rahu Bhukti or Rahu Antra in his vimshottari dasha one has to be unstable.

Now question is how to find weather Rahu has role or not. Well rahu cannot attack without its symptoms. First it gives undiagnosable disease, like gastric trouble, unusual headache, shifting joint pain and like other disease. One has to suffer with it, but when approaches to a physician he cannot understand his problem, even diagnosis report will prove jataka wrong.

Second problem arouses through sleeping habits. When one find himself helpless to sleep on time and could not manage to get up on time then we can say that Rahu Mahadasha Effects are starting its course (Rahu Effect on Sleep). If a jataka running into Rahu Mahadasha for a long time, then we may find longer morning hangover with jataka. Weather she/he is drinking alcohol or not.

What should one do, if he loses his corporate job?
Answer: One single line fine answer is “find another one as soon as possible.”

What if one cannot find suitable job?
Answer: You have to take what you have in your hand right now.

How long it will take?
Answer: As long as your Rahu Mahadasha is running.

When will I get next hike?
Answer: Forget about it in Rahu Mahadasha, all you have to do is save your current position.

Is there any remedy?
Answer:  Yes!! There it is. But it will save your position up to 70%. Means when you do the UPAY it will give you a relaxation from sleeplessness, undiagnosed disease and mental torture of unforeseen problems. All three problems has to be taken care of, so you can manage to pass this Rahu Mahadasha and get back into life.

What are the remedies?
Answer:  If you need to get into remedial measures for Rahu Mahadasha and it’s adverse effects, please do call me.
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What are the charges ?
Answer: 5100/- for general Rahu Mahadasha Remedies and at least 3 months followup with your feedback. When you get positive results and achieve better position, you have to pay again for higher level.

How to pay your fees?
Answer: you may directly deposit in his bank account or you may use payment gateway with this link or use other ways also.

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