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Astrological remedies : SHANTI TO WARD OFF EVIL

SHANTI TO WARD OFF EVIL: Astrological remedies Lal Kitab Predictions and lal kitab remedies for all planets

Astrology explains the law of nature. It is entirely based on the Karma and Reincarnation theory. At the same time, it supports Newton’s third law of motion that every action has an equal reaction. It proves that no action will go to waste and also nothing can happen without a cause, that is why astrology is considered to be a convincing science. Accurate results predicted by an able astrologer will surely come to pass whether one does Shanti or not. In all cases, Shanti or Astrological remedies cannot offer complete protection from the evils. It does not give guarantee to all.

Those who believe in Shanti may ask, “If one can’t modify or nullify the evil by doing Shanti, why have the sages prescribed varieties of Shanties to ward off evil? If every action has to produce a reaction or cause an effect, then how can the Shanti performed go in vain without removing the evil? Hindus perform Pujas and Homa, pray to Gods and Planets, construct choultries and hospitals, feed the poor and the disabled, do charity and assist the needy, etc. Cannot these virtuous deeds mitigate the affliction? In other countries, though they do not perform Homa, etc., yet they do charity or help the fellow beings and animals without having faith or expecting any beneficial result in overcoming difficulties. Even then whether they have faith or not, whether they do it with a set purpose or hot, should not such casual or continuous meritorious action help such persons to get rid of evil? “

Astrology says that Destiny cannot be altered. What is meant by Destiny is not generally properly understood by non-astrologers. Karma is that which is already done in the previous birth. Destiny includes all actions done in that birth and the results which one is to enjoy. One’s Destiny may force him to do Shanti and give complete protection by removing the anticipated evil or only to an insignificant extent or it may prevent one from performing any Shanti at all. Destiny ultimately gives the result which one has to surely experience, without any alteration. The people have to subdue to fate, otherwise termed Destiny.

Therefore, the people may be classified into four groups. One group will be those who do Shanti and enjoy the results, desired by them and may attribute the benefit to the Shanti; the other group will do Shanti, yet suffer, without any appreciable redemption and say that, however much they offered Shanti, it did no good. The third group will neither do Shanti nor believe in it. Yet they live happily, roll in wealth, have success after success and enjoy enviable results. The fourth’ group never does Shanti, but ever suffers.

The circumstances under which one is placed, one’s natural expectations and normal anticipation,” one’s performing Shanti either out of fear or for favor and. the ultimate results are all due to one’s previous Karma. All these can be read from one’s horoscope and it is possible for the astrologer to estimate the seriousness of the Karma. Have we not seen in Nadis” written by the sages that advices are offered to do’ various Shantis depending on one’s past action?

Karma can be divided broadly into three kinds. DHRUTHA KARMA, DHRUTHA ADHRUTHA KARMA and ADHRUTHA KARMA.

By Dhrutha Karma, it is meant, that one has committed an inexcusable mistake or crime in the previous birth, like murder, denying food and shelter to the invalid old parents, cheating the minor brothers during partition, to deny the wages to the poor class of helpless servants, cheating, ingratitude, etc. Such male factors, ungrateful children, dishonest brothers, mighty masters and cheats may do any amount of Shanti. They cannot ward off the malefic results to the desired’ extent as the crime is serious and unpardonable, though to a negligible extent it will be reduced, as no action will go to waste and every action has its own result. But the same Shanti, done by people who have committed pardonable mistakes, mitigates the affliction in full and leaves” them unscathed. Suppose” A” has borrowed Ks. 50,000/- and “B ” has taken only rupees one hundred as loan. ” A ” repays rupees one hundred. “B” also repays rupees one hundred: ” A ” has yet to suffer as the loan cleared is negligible and the burden is yet more or less the same But ” B” is care-free and regains peace of mind. Therefore, such Dhrutha Karma people have to accept the punishment, undergo the trial and patiently endure the penalty. In such cases, “Avasyaro Anubok thavyam Kritham Karma Subhasubham” will apply. Whether they pray to God or they perform any Shanti, they should reap the consequences of the previous Karma, with practically no appreciable modification, because of the Shanti done.

(God is all merciful; yet He is all attentive to His Duty in administering justice. He is-fully aware of the Karma which one has done in the previous birth, the. Shanti or virtuous deed one will do in this birth and His impartial judgment is „the result which one will enjoy. God knows what Shanti one will do, how far it would mitigate and what the result would be.)

In the horoscopes of those who have done ‘Dhrutha Karma, the Dasanatha, the Bhuktinatha, Lagna and Moon will be devoid of the beneficial aspect from Jupiter and from the lord of the 9th house who indicates the virtuous deeds done in the previous birth.

Dhrutha adhrutha Karma means that one would “have committed excusable mistakes in the previous birth. It is just like an ignorant person having purchased a ticket to Bombay getting into Calcutta Mail. The Inspector finds out the mistake and points it to him. The passenger pleads ignorance and prays for excuse. The examiner leaves him without any punishment in such person’s horoscopes, either the Lagna or Moon or Dasanatha or Bhukthinatha will receive favorable aspects from either Jupiter or Lord of 9 or both. Here the crime committed is so simple that he can be Excused on his bumble application.

A constable can excuse a driver for having driven a car on the wrong side if he gives satisfactory explanation like skidding pr puncture, etc., especially when there is neither traffic nor accident. But the same constable cannot excuse the driver, if the car runs over a boy. Hence excuse or no excuse depends on the seriousness of the crime.

The third one is Adhrutha Karma. The crime committed may be negligible. It might have ended only in evil thought. Suppose a young boy finds a fruit bearing tree in a house over-hanging on the road side, .and goes near it and like a vulture is moving there alone with a desire to have the fruit. The. owner notes the boy and whistles. The boy understands that the! -owner is watching him and so he retraces his step honorably. He does not remove the fruit. The boy had only the evil thought but he did not commit theft; Such ones may be classified “is Adhrutha Karma. In such a person’s horoscope. Guru of Lord of 9 will be in the Lagna or conjoined with Moon, or Dasanatha or Bhukthinatha. Such people will enjoy life though they do not perform any Shanthi, nor pray nor donate for a good cause in this birth. One should not forget that “Karma of the previous birth and Shanthi or no Shanthi in this birth result in the final destiny which is the impartial judgment of God, which was already, once for all, decided at the time of birth. This is called as that which is written on the head“.

This can be read from the horoscope. God writes on the head only once. He does not alter now and then as and when the Shanthi is done. Nor can the birth time be changed. The horoscope will ever remain the same. Hence the results indicated must come to pass. “We know that doing or not doing Shanthi is also indicated in the horoscope. The variety, of Shanthi which one may be advised to do depends upon the Planets which rule his time and also the nature of the results which the native desires to have.

In a lady’s chart, Rahu and Saturn are in the fifth house and both are in the constellation of Lord of 6. The native was married in Mercury (Budha Dasa), Jupiter Bhukti (Guru sub-period). Saturn Bhukti followed. Years passed. It did not give her the pleasure of having a child. Kethu Dasa followed. Every fourth week disappointed her and the husband. The couple became anxious. They approached an astrologer who said that, in her chart, Jupiter was conjoined with Kethu in 11 while Sani and Rahu were in 5. So, he advised that, if they do Shanthi, they would surely have a child during Kethu Dasa, Guru Bhukti. As per his advice, they visited Banaras, then Rameswaram, and finally Guruvayur Krishna, at the time when Guru Bhukti just started. They also did some charity. They had a child born before her Kethu Dasa Guru Bhukti ended. (” Here the chart denotes that Lord of Lagna is Jupiter (Guru) who is conjoined with Dasanatha Kethu. That she will take the advice and do Shanti is clearly shown. Guru in 11 promises progeny. So -she. had a child during Guru’s period. The child was born in Moolam star which is governed by Kethu in Jupiter’s sign “Sagittarius).

It may be asked, if she had not gone to these holy places, could she have had the child. The astrologer will say, that she will have a child whether she wards off the evil by such pilgrimage or not and also that she had to visit, to wipe off the malefic effects and receive the blessings of God in the shape of a boy. Both are her fate.

Two friends A and B request an astrologer’ to suggest some remedy, i.e., Shanthi as they were suffering from eye trouble. The astrologer found that in A’s birth chart, the evil period was coming to an end whereas in B’s chart the future was becoming worse. He suggested to them that ” Surya Namaskaram” would be effective. He also added that A would have the benefit, whereas B could not expect any improvement. Both decided to do Shanthi. ” A “” found all favorable conditions for him to do it satisfactorily and enjoyed the beneficial results. “B ” had many obstacles and impediments even to perform ” Surya Namaskaram with all that, he managed to do the Shanti. Yet unfortunately, he had no improvement.

Thus, it can be shown that it is possible for an astrologer to say whether one can have the chances to do offerings to God and whether one will have the advantage of such an action or not, by reading the horoscopes and ascertaining what variety of Karma he ought to have done in the previous birth.

Shanthi is of two kinds. One is Thrishta Shanthi and the other is Athrishta Shanthi.

By Thrishta Shanthi is meant that one knows what Shanthi he should do and that he is aware of the results of such a remedial measure.

If one suffers from headache and takes Aspro. or Saridon or Anacin or Cod pyrin he knows: that these are specifics for headache and he gets the relief. A few, even after taking them, specific may continue to suffer which is also their fate. Here the native is aware of his taking the medicine and also its curing effect. This is Thrishta Shanthi.

Athrishta means that which one can’t see with naked eyes and non-astrological eyes. Athrishta-shanti brings results without the knowledge of the person. Nor can the person judge the nature of favorable result he may enjoy and also whether Athrishta Shanthi includes Homa, prayers, pilgrimage, construction of hospitals, maternity home, schools, choultries, feeding the poor, donating blood, etc., but the nature of the beneficial result which he may enjoy is not known. That is why it is called Athrishta.

Thus, it will be seen that astrology can show what Karma one should have done in the previous birth, whether one will do Shanthi or not in this life, and the ultimate results one is to enjoy. It is also known that every action will have its reaction: i.e., good actions yield desirable results, whereas bad actions bring evil to the native.

As doing Shanthi is always considered to be a virtue and therefore it has necessarily to bring favorable results to the doer, it is advisable that one either praise God or does Homa or contributes for a good cause.

The number of people who commit inexcusable crime like murder amounting to Dhrutha Karma will be very few. The number of people who do not commit any crime at all but occasionally think of evil, known as Adhrutha Karma, will be still fewer. Both form a very small minority. But the majority of people commit excusable mistakes called Dhrutha Adhrutha Karma. Therefore, Shanthi will be done 20 by them with or without their knowledge and they will not ultimately suffer. As a layman may not know which variety of Karma he could have done in the previous birth, he will assume that he is one among many and that the performance of Shanthi will give him solace and peace of mind and ward off suspense which is highly painful.

Shanthi may be compared to taking prophylactic vaccines against cholera, or typhoid, or having revaccination against small pox. Such a preventive measure gives confidence and immunity. One can visit the infected areas with courage and mix with such patients though it may not guarantee that all those who had taken preventive measures will never suffer. Even if one contracts the disease, the attack will be very mild.

Six years ago, four friends visited Kancheepuram to enjoy a festival when cholera was prevalent there.’ Two of them did not take cholera vaccine inoculation before leaving Madras. But the other two had taken it well in advance. Actually, one of the two who had taken the prophylactic vaccine, did not suffer from cholera, at all. He was hale and healthy. The other even after taking it in time, had a very mild attack and recovered rapidly. The third who could not have the inoculation was attacked by cholera severely and succumbed to it. The fourth who had no inoculation neither had the attack nor any difficulty, because he had the immunity within himself. But only those two who had inoculation were fearless during the visit while the other two had their own doubts and fears-‘ Similarly, the performance of Shanthi will give mental strength, will reduce the virulence of the evil and more often save the individual.’

If one does not -perform Shanthi or any virtuous deed, one can’t be confident about his happiness in 21 the future. There will be the doubt whether it will be peaceful or miserable. A few may live happily. But many will suffer from untold miseries.

One attends to minor repairs to his car before starting out and drives it with confidence. Two other people drive, without testing it. One car returns safely and the other car breaks down. Is it not advisable to have the car examined by the expert, have the minor’ repairs attended to, and then alone drive? Just as the repairs can give confidence to the driver about the peaceful nature of the journey, even so the performance of Shanthi will be helpful to relieve one from worries.

Astrology indicates who will do Shanthi and attribute the reduction of the evil result to Shanthi alone. The person may be ignorant of the fact that his fate was that he should do Shanthi and he unnecessarily expected a more serious trouble, whereas only a mild one was his fate. Astrology advises all to be good, to do Shanthi in any form and enjoy life with absolute peace of mind.


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