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Sun in Indian astrology

कुण्‍डली में सूर्य Sun in Indian astrology sun planet in astrology

Being the center of all life, force and energy and the giver of Prana, Sun in Indian astrology worshipped as Sun God. It is held in high esteem. At least thrice daily, Sun is prayed for by the Hindus. Every Sunday ‘SURYA-NAMASKARAM ‘ is done by many persons to regain the lost vitality and eye-sight. Other nations. also pay reverence to Sun. It is said to represent the ‘Creator, the Brahma, with his four faces to have a survey of all the four directions causing four seasons and the four elements, namely Fire, Earth, Air .and Water. Sundays are given holidays probably to worship Him. Sunday is also put at the head of all the seven days of the week.

Hindus have conceived the Sun as ever moving in a chariot drawn by seven horses. This is probably because in the Sun are contained all the seven colors of the solar spectrum (VIBGYOR). They say that Sun goes round the mount Meru daily. Whenever Sun enters into certain significant signs, the Hindus perform some religious function on those days to satisfy the departed soul and also offer prayers to Sun God. One such occasion is at the time when Sun crosses the fixed Nirayana Vernal Equinox and enters Aries so that the people in the North Pole could see him after a continuous night extending to six months. This is called Vishu or Tamil New Year’s Day. The next occasion is on or around July 17 when Sun reaches the northern most declination (twenty-three degrees twenty-seven minutes from the celestial equator) and begins its southern course. It is called Dakshinayana. The next occasion when they perform the religious rites falls when Sun during its southern course reaches the ‘Autumnal Equinox which is the beginning of Libra or Thulam. Three months later, when Sun reaches the southernmost declination in the south and just when he commences the Northern course, all Hindus irrespective of caste or creed uniformly celebrate this day is called Sankranti. Thus, the Sun has come to occupy an important place in the Hindu Culture.

The greatest Astrologer Varahamihira worshipped only Sun God and shed an imperishable luster among the nine gems in the court of King Vikramadithya. The Sun takes exactly one year to go round the ecliptic. It has only the direct motion. Never does it retrograde. Also, there is no latitude to Sun.

Sun stands to us as a symbol of spirit. Hindus consider that Sun is the soul of Kala purusha. (The Moon is his mind; Budha or Mercury his speech; Kuja or Mars his strength; Jupiter or Guru his knowledge and happiness, Venus or Sukra his desire or lust, Saturn is his misery, etc. It is said that the several constituents of Kala purusha are either strong or weak according to the strength of the planets representing them. Only Saturn is exempted. Whenever Saturn is weak, misery will be much greater and will predominant. But if Saturn is strong there will be less of misery. All these effects are felt only in their respective periods.) For all living beings.

Sun represents the positive and primal fount whereas Moon represents the negative influence. Sun is constructive and creative while Moon is preserving and formative. Sun is the father and Moon is the mother. Therefore, Sun is the symbol of spirit and Moon is that of matter, both acting as life and form. That is why the zodiac which is divided into 12 signs are in their nature alternately positive and negative or masculine and feminine. The Sun and Moon are considered to be the sovereigns. Whereas Guru or Jupiter and Sukra or Venus are the counsellors or ministers, Budha or Mercury is their heir or the young prince, Kuja or Mars is the commander-in-chief and Saturn or Sani is the slave or the servant. Sun is the king and Moon is the queen. Venus is considered to be the wife of Jupiter and the adviser.

Other names of Sun are: Adhithya, Arka, Aruna, Bhanu, Dhinakara or Dhinakrit, Heli, Pusha, Ravi, Surya and Thapana.

Sun governs

Sun and Moon are the two luminaries as they both emit light and make everything 27 bright. The Sun possesses a form with dark red eyes. Realizing that it is the Sun which pours forth his spirit and it is the one planet which gives life to one and all, Chaldeans worshipped the Sun with great love and devotion. The Sun offers us the power of resistance and vitality. It governs the inspiration and expiration, i.e., breath of life. Also, it rules over our consciousness and denotes the individuality whereas the form and personality are attributed to the moon. Sun gives the force and self-will and makes one determined and decisive.

Sun is a dry, masculine, positive and hot planet. He is ‘ Agni Devata’ and is fiery’ by nature. He rules the direction East and (of the six Rithu) * Grisham ‘ which includes the months June and July. The color of the Sun is orange or Kanakambaram. He rules the metal Gold and also Copper. Sun represents the father of the native. In the woman’s chart it indicates her husband. In service it shows the master, or the administrative head or the Government. In games, it stands for the captain or the leader.

Physical Features

People with Sun as ruling planet born either on a Sunday or in Leo – Simha Lagna or with Sun in the Ascendant will have honey-colored eyes. The face will be large and round. The hair and the color of the body will have a light shade.

Physical body

Sun rules the heart.” So also, the sign which Sun governs, Leo – Simha denotes the heart of the Kala purusha. It also represents the right eye in man and left eye in woman. The mouth, spleen, throat and brain are also indicated by Sun.


Sun when afflicted will cause defects in the heart or in the eye-sight during the conjoined period of the Sun and the afflicting planet. Saturn afflicting the Sun causes low blood pressure whereas Jupiter afflicting the Sun produces high blood pressure. Mars afflicting Sun causes hemorrhage, (cardiac thrombosis, etc. The constitution will be overheated and bilious. It also denotes cerebral meningitis, eruptions of the face, loss of speech as a result of cerebral affection, i.e., aphasia, sharp fevers, typhoid, polypus, epilepsy, bile complaints, sun-stroke, scorches and disease in the head.


When Sun is not afflicted but is strong and beneficial it offers sterling qualities. It offers real love towards everything and everybody. It fosters universal love. Devotion to God will be sincere and. steady. There will be inspiration and intuition Activity and authority are the beneficial results of Sun. Steadiness, soundness and solidarity in the avocation are due to Sun. It indicates one’s self-acquisition. One will not mind making strenuous efforts, roaming over mountains, undertaking travels and taking all pains to gain his objective. Maximum labor and minimum, wages are also attributed to Sun. Strong Sun in a favorable sign offers strong will. The native will have, a cheerful outlook towards life and enjoy good fortune. He should not however be too frank and outspoken. He has to cultivate caution and secretiveness. Sun gives power to rise far above the status in which he is born. It gives a magnetic quality and ambition.

Sun subjects are tireless workers. They should however avoid bossing over others. They should not be over-ambitious lest they should feel, discontented or unhappy. Those who have a strong. Sun and seek favor from anybody, should go directly without sending an agent since the magnetic radiation, of the Sun is carried with them and the person sought out cannot refuse to grant the request. By exercising self-control and limiting his ambition, he will enjoy the good-will and the esteem of the people in powerful positions and also from the public. Similarly, high, government officials can enjoy life and earn the good will of the public.

Beneficial sun gives ambition, boldness, brilliance, capacity to command, dignity, energy, elevation in rank, faith, fame, grace, generosity, health, hope, happiness, individuality, influence, joy, kind heart, kindly appearance, loyalty, magnanimity, nobility, optimism, power, sterling quality, respect to elders, reputation, royalty, regality, scruples, success in worldly affairs, truth, good temperament, unadulterated love, vigor, vitality, virtue and warmth.

Afflicted Sun makes one arrogant, bluff, domineering, egoistical, faithless, vain-glorious, haughty, insulting, jealous, lavish, loquacious, over-ambitious, pompous and proud, self-opinionated, irritable angry and spiteful.


Sun generally indicates a permanent, position in life. All government services, and those in such departments where there is security of service are denoted by Sun. Sun also indicates an independent business financed by the father or the business taken, over from him. Sun as an indicator of profession gives success to one who deals in red or orange articles, copper, gold, wheat, medicine and chemicals.

The nature of the profession will however largely depend on the combination of the Sun with other Planets. If, for example, Sun is connected with Moon, and Mercury, the native will deal in red clothes or orange clothes as Moon and Mercury jointly indicate textiles; alternatively, one may be employed with this combination in a government textile department since Sun represents government whereas Moon and Mercury denote textiles. If Sun has any connection with Moon and Venus, the native may deal in red or orange paints or the native may serve in a transport or shipping department. If Mars and Mercury are connected with Sun in any manner, the native may be a military engineer or he may deal in brick kilns or serve in Government Press as Mars and Mercury indicate press or mechanical or military engineering, etc.

Sun, Mars and Venus promise service as Venus stands for vehicular traffic and transport, and Mars police in traffic department. Those who deal in rose flowers will be influenced by these three planets because Venus is for flowers. Mars shows his possession of landed property and red color and Sun indicates thorny plants. Sun “having a relation with Saturn suggests that one will deal in woolen goods as Saturn also denotes hair. – For people who enter into the medical services as indicated by Sun, the following combinations of planets will indicate the exact nature of their specialization. Sun with Jupiter produces good physicians and Mercury gives intuition and helps to diagnose correctly. Sun receiving beneficial aspects from Mars brings out able surgeons, as Mars indicates use of sharp instruments. Sun, Venus and Jupiter help specialization in Maternity, since Sun denotes medicine, Venus womta1 and Jupiter the chief governor for children. If Venus receives aspects from the active and bold Mars and the secretive Saturn and conjoined with Sun, the person will be an expert in venereal diseases. If Sun, Venus and Saturn are mutually connected, the person will specialize in skin diseases as Saturn spoils the beauty given by Venus. Sun and Venus devoid of other planets influence occupying the sixth or the eighth house show that he will be an optician. Sun and Saturn in the Ascendant or in the 8th house indicate that one will earn as a dentist.

In one’s chart the Ascendant shows the native and the 7th house indicates the patient whom he treats. If the 2nd and the 12th houses are spoiled, one has eye defect or disease. So, the 2nd and the 12th houses from the 7th is the 8th and the 6th houses counted from the Ascendant. Therefore, the planets Sun and Venus in 6 and 8 in the medical officer’s chart shows that he will attend on people suffering from eye diseases. One suffers from tooth-ache only when the 2nd and the 7th houses are afflicted. Therefore the 2nd and the 7th houses counted from the 7th house representing the patient are the 8th and the Ascendant offer doctor. Hence dentists will have Sun and Saturn having connection with these two houses.

Further, Saturn rules the osseous system, bones, enamel, etc. Sun and Mercury in the 9th. or the 5th house indicate that the native will be an expert in Ear, Nose and. Throat diseases as the houses three and eleven denote ear and throat. If Rahu, Sukra, Sun, Uranus and the lord of the fifth house are in any manner connected with each other, the medical man will specialize in ‘ X ‘ray. If Uranus has connection only with the Sun, the native will serve in the medical, research department. Generally, Sun and Jupiter having connection with Virgo or Kanni, Scorpio or Vrischika shows service in the Public Health department, whereas Mars shows that in the medical department.

Similarly, if one takes to the other departments of the government, for example. Law, then Jupiter with Sun and Mercury indicates Civil Law, whereas Mars indicates Criminal Law. To find out one’s profession exactly, a deep study is necessary. Political: Sun denotes administrators, kings, dictators, royal leaders, heads of departments, and people in authority and power.


The products represented by Sun include red variety in rice, myrobalans, groundnut, cocoanut, asaffoetida, cardamoms, almonds, chilies, omum (Ajwain), pepper, milagu, pine, lavender, nutmeg, aromatic herbs, saffron, pearls, corals, etc.


Government Loans, Gold bonds. Gilt-edged securities. Gold, its price and control, Reserve Bank, Stock Exchange, Foreign Exchange and Currency, Trade Associations recognized by Government, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

Plants and Herbs

Thorny trees, grass, timber. Saffron, Laurel, Orange trees. Anise, Cedar, Almond, Vervain, Chamomile, Lavender, Rue, Rose-Mary, Mary-gold and medicinal herbs.


Forests, Mountains, Shiva temples. Fortress, Government buildings. Public offices—District Boards, Panchayat Unions, etc., Shaurashtra country in India.

Animals and Birds

Lion, Horse, Boar, Serpent,’ Cattle and other, quadrupeds in the forest. All singing birds, nightingale, swan.


Sun is the lord of Sunday. Whenever one runs a period ruled by Sun, he can expect the results on a Sunday ruled by Sun or at the time when Leo or Simha Lagna owned by Sun rises in the east or on the days when Moon transits in the stars or nakshatras, Kritika, Uttrapalguni and Uthrashada, governed by Sun.

Precious Stones

Diamond and ruby. If Sun is weak or afflicted, one can use metal gold and the stones diamond and ruby set in it. Those who suffer from heart trouble, eye diseases or those who want security in service or power in government, or favor from the high government officials, they can use the above gems to enjoy health and success.


Sun is the parent of the entire solar system. It is also called the ‘Father of the Stars’ It is the -nearest star to the earth and is about 93 million miles away from our Mother Earth. It is the largest among the planets, belonging to the solar system. It is nearly 750 times larger than all the planets put together. Its diameter is about 110 times that of the earth and is nearly 27,19,000 miles in circumference.

Scientists say that it is not a solid mass, but they are of the opinion that it is composed of gaseous matter in a series of layers which send out cool and positive magnetic rays which meet one of the negative qualities on earth, and that thereby both heat and light are developed. These waves affect likewise all other planets belonging to the solar system. The variation in the intensity depends on many factors. The sun-spots are active for a period of 11 years -and are passive for the succeeding 11 years.

Source : Astrology & arishtha