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Ashtakavarga System – Some Observations

Ashtakavarga System - Some Observations

Ashtakavarga System – Some Observations

An analysis of the Bhava chalita chart along with Ashtakavarga gives an excellent insight into the native’s life. In continuation to my earlier post in this context i would like to put forth my experience on the use of this system.I can definitely say, simply reading the Sarvashtaka varga and the Bhinnashtakavarga scores one can easily determine the life pattern of the native in various perspectives whose chart is under study.

My preferences
Software: Jagannatha Hora
House system : Lagna is the middle point of the first house
and Parasara’s ashtaka varga principles.
(Default Jagannatha Hora settings)

I prefer to first, have a look at the Sarvaashtaka varga of the Bhava Chalita Chart and decide upon the class of the chart. The pointers to look for in any chart under study

1: Sarvaashtakavarga scores of each of the bhavas are to be looked upon to see which bhava is the strongest and which is the weakest. The bhavas having weakest scores are the areas where the native will suffer in his life time.When will the effects be felt will have to be studied as per the transits and Vimsottari Dasa or the applicable conditional dasas.

If the 10 th house has 40 or more points the native is definitely going to have positive results in his career.But if we study the 5th house of Power,along with the 10th house and if that too contains 40 points we can deduce the native will be in a high profile profession.The natives who have this kind of a combination are generally observed to be in Politics or IAS /IPS etc.

In this context i would like to add that the concept of Bhavath Bhavam is very useful.I mean wealth of the spouse can be studied from the 8th as it is the 2nd house from the 7th. 8th house is also studied for longevity,debts,diseases,ill fame etc.If the house has more than 35 score then we can say that the spouse of the native will be moderately wealthy.If the native has 40 points in his second bhava and the 8 th house has 35 points then we can deduce that the native is more wealthier than his spouse.

Also if the SAV strength of the Lagna is 35 and the same for the third bhava is 40, then the brother of the native will definitely be better than the native.

If the SAV Strength of the 9th bhava is above 40 points signifies that the religious inclination of the native will be very high.

2 . Bhinnashtakavarga scores of each planet : The Sum of the Bhinnaashtakavarga strengths of Jupiter and Saturn if both put together is more than 8, then the native will be having more than satisfactory results overall in his life time,as both planets are the most influential planets in any horoscope. As per Krushna’s Ashtakavarga system the planet having more than 4 points in its bhinnashtakavarga are to be treated as benefic/exalted planets irrespective of their placement.

Bhinnashtakavarga scores also help in determining the nature of results the planet is inclined to give in its Vimsottari dasa.The planet having 6 points in its BAV will give results of an exalted planet its dasa.How ever this has to be studied along with other indicators like Ishta-Kashta Phala etc

The above pointers give an insight into the life of the native as a whole.

Ashtakavarga and Planetary Transits

Studying transits is not complete with out considering the bhinnashtakavarga strength of the planet under study.For example: If Saturn is transiting Aries and if it is 8th house from moon, its debilitation raasi and Saturn has 4 points in Aries,then we can deduce that Saturn is beneficial in 4 kakshyas out of the 8 kakshyas in raasi even though the transit of 8 th house is very bad. Saturn will be beneficial in the kakshyas of the planets who have contributed a point in that raasi.

The sum of the Bhinnashtakavarga score of Jupiter and Saturn in the raasis in which they are in transit,gives the level of positive or negative trends in the natives life in that period. For example: Jupiter has 5 points in Aries where it is currently transiting and Saturn has 5 points in Virgo where it is currently transiting,the sum is 10 out of 16 which is 62.5% favourable trends in the current transit.

Ashtakavarga and Rasi Dasas

The SAV Score of the raasi whose dasa is running will greatly help in quantifying the results of that rasi.

Ashtakavarga and Divisional charts

In my experience,the ashtakavarga system seems to work very well in the divisional charts too.For example, if Saturn is transiting a raasi containing 40 points in the D16 chart and has BAV of 4 points or more,the native will definitely acquire a vehicle.

Writer: Soma Sekhar Sarva