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Planets and Profession (Career Astrology)

Planets and Profession (Career Astrology)
Planets and Profession (Career Astrology)

Combination of Planets as ‘Pointers’ to know ‘Profession’
A note from Modern Astrological Institute, Chennai, India.

Today there are many branches in ‘profession’ under many heads, which could not be found in ancient texts. However, eminent researchers in Institute, analyzed many birth charts and listed various jobs emanating as pointers for modern Astrologers to know the possible job or trade a person will involve as his avocation or source of interest and/or earning. I had collected some- Not all – to list below to add to knowledge of Astrology Students:

Planets and Profession Important Combination for job and business
Planets and Profession (Career Astrology)

Planets and Profession (Career Astrology)

Professions (Jobs/Business) related to SUN

SUN, Moon Mercury, Virgo = Nurse
SUN = Pharma Specialists
SUN, Venus, Moon = Photography
SUN, Venus, Mars = Sporting Goods
SUN, Mars, Mercury = Surgical
SUN, Sun, Mars, Jupiter = Minister
SUN, Mercury, Jupiter = Member of Parliament
SUN, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus = Atomic Energy
SUN, Mars, Mercury, 3rd House, 7th House and 9th House = Commerce
SUN, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, 3rd House = Communication
SUN, Mars, Virgo, Scorpio = Health
SUN, Moon, Mercury = Asbestos
SUN or Saturn, Venus = Brushes, Wool, Hair, And similar products
SUN, Mercury = Cables (Sun-Copper Mercury-Electricity)
SUN = Copper
SUN, Venus = Diamond
SUN or JUPITER $ Saturn, Mercury, Mars = Gold Mines
SUN or VENUS With MARS = Optician

Professions (Jobs/Business) related to MOON

MOON, Mars = Accounts, Navy
MOON, Mars, Saturn = Coal Tar
MOON, Mars, Saturn = Conduit pipes
MOON, Saturn, Mars = Fire Extinguisher
(Moon – Liquid; Mars – Fire; Saturn To put them out)
MOON, Mercury, Mars = Handloom
MOON, Neptune = Magician
MOON, Mercury, Mars = Marine Engineer
MOON, Mars, Mercury = Pipes
MOON, Mars, Mercury = Power House water supply
MOON, Mars, Sun = Salt
MOON, Venus = Silver
MOON, Mercury = Yarn
MOON, Mercury = Cotton
MOON, Mercury, Sun and 7th& 9th House = External Affairs
MOON, Mars, Venus, Saturn = Fisheries
MOON, Mars, Venus in 2nd House = Irrigation
MOON, Mercury = Textile
MOON = Linseed Oil/Lubricants

Professions (Jobs/Business) related to MERCURY

MERCURY, Jupiter = Accounts
MERCURY, Jupiter, Mars = Addressing Machine/ Computer
MERCURY, Venus = Analytical Chemist
MERCURY, Uranus = Astrology
MERCURY, Uranus, Mars = Atomic Energy
MERCURY, Jupiter = Auctioneers
MERCURY, Jupiter = Books
MERCURY, Mars = Builders and contractors
(Mercury – Engineering/Agent Mars – Building)
MERCURY, Saturn = Calculators
MERCURY, Jupiter = Calendars
MERCURY, Moon = Clearing Agent
– Water Sign – Shipping
– Earthy sign – Railways;
– Airy sign – Airways
MERCURY, Venus = Drawings/Paintings
MERCURY = Electrical Engineer – Fan, Horns, Heaters,
Motors, Switch Gears, Switch Boards, Wire, Cables, etc
MERCURY, Uranus, Mars = Research Depts.
MERCURY = Paper Industry
MERCURY, Saturn = Pencil/writing tools
MERCURY, Jupiter = Salesman/Stationery
MERCURY, Mars = Switch Gears
MERCURY, Jupiter, 12th House = Supplies
MERCURY, Mars, Jupiter, Sun = Secretary
MERCURY = Clerk,
MERCURY, Venus 3rd and 12th Houses = Revenue Department –
Collecting Money
MERCURY, Jupiter in 2nd House = Advocate/Barrister
MERCURY, Jupiter Sun in 2nd House = Public Prosecutor
MERCURY, Mars, Venus, Sun = Registrar – Marriages
MERCURY, Jupiter 2nd/ 3rd Houses = Accountant – Banks

Professions (Jobs/Business) related to MARS

MARS, Mercury, Jupiter = Accountant – Defense, Police, Industry or Government
MARS (Very Strong) = Independent Auditor
MARS, Venus, Mercury, Saturn = Implements for Agriculture
MARS, Venus, Mercury = Architects
MARS, Venus, Saturn = Bakelite
MARS, Sun, Venus, Mercury = Ball Bearings
MARS, Saturn, Venus, Sun = Barbed Wire
MARS, Venus, Mercury, Moon = Batteries
MARS, Venus, Saturn, Moon = Belt of all types
MARS, Moon, Mercury = Boilers of all types
MARS, Saturn, Mercury = Metal Fasteners all types
MARS, Venus, Saturn..(12th House) = Shoes/Boots
(Purse – 2nd House, Hand Bag- 3rd House, Belt – 7th House)
MARS, Moon, Saturn = Bore Well
– Saturn stops – throws out soil
– Mars – using instrument to bore
– Moon – to tap fluid out)
MARS, Moon, Venus, Saturn = Tanning
MARS, Venus, Saturn = Brakes
– Saturn Stops
– Venus- Car/moving units
– Mars operation to apply
MARS, Venus = Bricks/ Tiles
MARS, Saturn = Casting of metals/clay
MARS, Venus, Saturn = Cement
MARS (in Quadruped sign), Venus = Cars, powered moving units
MARS, Venus = Confectionary
MARS, Mercury = Contractor
MARS, Venus, Moon = Cooking
MARS, Venus = Dress/Apparel
MARS, Mercury = Industrial Engineer
MARS, Venus = Engraving
MARS, Saturn = Expanded Metals/Steel Stone
MARS, Mercury, Venus = Fans
MARS, Venus, Moon, Jupiter = Forms and Form products
MARS, Saturn, Venus = Fertilizer/ Shoes/ Tea
MARS, Venus = Furniture/ Plywood /Tailor/ Wood
MARS, Mercury, Venus = Heaters
MARS, Venus, Moon, Mercury = Hotels, Eating joints
MARS = Industry
MARS, Mercury, Moon (waterysign) = Ink
MARS, Venus, Saturn = Leather/Highways/Roads/ Road Rollers
MARS, Saturn, Mercury = Locks/Iron & Steel/ Short Hand Typist
MARS, Venus = Locomotives/ Railways /Sewing Machine / Soap /Stainless Steel
MARS, Mercury = Mechanical Engineer/ Tools of all metals/ Typewriters/
MARS, Moon, Venus = Nursery
MARS, Mercury, Venus = Power House
MARS, Mercury = Press/ Technicians/Typists
MARS, Mercury, Jupiter = Printer
MARS, Moon, Saturn = Pump sets
MARS, Saturn = Quarry/Trench/Tunnel/ Work shop/Geology
MARS, Venus, Mercury = Rice Mill/ Road transport
MARS = Soldier/ Furnace
MARS, Moon, Venus = Steam Engine
MARS, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn = President, Head of State/ Leader of a society/country
MARS, Sun, Saturn, and 7th House = Defense
MARS, Venus, Jupiter and 2nd House = Food-Agriculture
MARS, Sun, Jupiter-Aries-Lagna = Home affairs – Ministry
MARS, Mercury, Saturn, 10th House = Industry
MARS, Sun and any Planet = Metals
MARS, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in 4th House = Works and Housing
MARS, Jupiter, Venus, Sun 2nd,6th,10th Houses = Judge
MARS, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun-2nd House = Advocate-General
MARS, Jupiter, Mercury, 2nd House = Agent/ High Position in Bank
MARS, Jupiter, Mercury, & Sun (2nd,6th,10th Houses) = Registrar/ Recordist

Professions (Jobs/Business) related to JUPITER

JUPITER, Mercury = Accountant – Bank/office
JUPITER, Mercury, Venus, Moon = Accountant – Shipping
JUPITER, Mercury, Sun = Accountant in Hospital
JUPITER, Mercury, Moon, Mars = Accountant – Navy
JUPITER, Mercury, Saturn = Accountant – Mines
JUPITER, Mercury, Uranus = Acct – Research Dept
JUPITER, Mercury, Rahu = Acct – Jail
JUPITER, Venus, Moon, Mars = Acid Manufacturer
JUPITER, Mercury = Advertising
JUPITER, Mars, Venus, Sun = Ayurvedic Medicine
JUPITER, Mercury, Mars = Microscope/Deductive /Post & Telegraph Dept. / Technical Development/ Telephones
JUPITER, Venus, Mercury = Radio & Broadcasting
JUPITER, Mercury, Sun & 4th House = Education
JUPITER, Sun, Mars, & 12th House = Finance Dept.,
JUPITER, Mercury, Venus & 3rd House = Information Dept.
JUPITER, Saturn, Mars, 6th House = Labor Dept
JUPITER, Mars, Sun, 2nd House = Law
JUPITER, Mercury, Mars 2nd House And 11th houses = Revenue Dept.
JUPITER, Mercury, 9th & 12th Houses = Foreign exchange
JUPITER, Saturn, Mercury, Mars = Security Dept.
JUPITER, Sun, Venus = Physical/Yoga Education

Professions (Jobs/Business) related to SATURN

SATURN, Mars, Mercury = Abrasives/ Mine Engineer
SATURN, Mars = Air Compressors/ Flour Mills/ Hardware/ Iron & Steel
SATURN, Mars, Sun = Mines excavation
SATURN, Venus, Mars = Air Conditioner
SATURN, Venus, Mars = Aircraft Instruments
SATURN, Mars (Watery Sign) (Anuradha star) = Coal
SATURN, Venus = Cold Storage, Survey,
SATURN, Venus, Moon = Condensers
SATURN, Venus (in two-legged-biped Sign) = Cycle Industry
SATURN, Mercury = Hard Board
SATURN, Mercury (8th House) = Insurance
SATURN, Venus, Moon, Mars = Jute Industry/ Petrolium
SATURN = Mines/ Refrigeration/Peon
SATURN, Sun, Jupiter = Rehabilitation
SATURN, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter = Drawing Master
SATURN, Venus, Mercury = Draftsman/ Craftsman
SATURN, Venus, Mars = Disinfectants in all types
SATURN, Mercury, Jupiter = Statistics/censes/ Election

Professions (Jobs/Business) related to VENUS

VENUS, Mars, Moon = Acetylene generator
VENUS, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars = Acid, Alkali resistant Tiles
VENUS, Moon = Adhesives
VENUS, Mercury = Agricultural Machinery/Lime
VENUS, Mercury (common sign) = Railway employment
VENUS, Mars = Aluminum/Automobile/ Gramaphone/ Devises to reproduce/ emanate sound
VENUS, Mercury, Mars = Aviation/ Scientific Apparatus / Sanitary ware/Public Transport/Taxi
VENUS, Sun, Moon, Mercury = Block Makers/Moulders
VENUS, Mars, Saturn = Carpet
VENUS = Furniture/ Dyes & Chemicals/ Glass/ Bright Metal/ Sarees / Sugar industry
VENUS (8th House) = Timber
VENUS, Moon = Chemicals/ Milk/Paintings Perfumes
VENUS, Mercury, Moon = Cinema Industry
VENUS, Moon, Mars = Diary Form/ Rubber industry
VENUS, Mars, Mercury = Decorators all types
VENUS, Mercury = Sanitary Engineer/Tractors Transports
VENUS, Saturn = Mica/ Mineral
VENUS, Mars, Sun = Nuts
VENUS, Jupiter and 11th House = Co-operative Units
VENUS, Mars, Mercury, 3rd house = Railways
VENUS, Jupiter & 11th House = Social Welfare
VENUS, Mercury & 3rd House = Transport
VENUS, Mercury, Airy sign & 9th House = Aviation Transport
VENUS, Mercury, Moon, 9th House = Shipping

Compiled from various Sources by
A V Pathi (Astrologer)

Astrologer Sidharth Jagannath Joshi is one of the Best Astrologer in India, practicing in Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab Astrology, Prashna Kundli and KP Astrology System.

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