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Who can learn astrology?

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People, having any of the following combinations and favorable aspects, can learn astrology and be useful to the querists.

1. Western scholars are of opinion that Saturn and Moon give immense appetite to learn astrology “especially when they are in 1, 3, 9 or 1Oth Bhava (Houses). Saturn and Moon make the native industrious, honest, patient, plodding and persevering all of which are essential to an astrologer.

2. Uranus has a special attraction to Astrology. But success or failure depends on the other aspects which Uranus receives. It may make one research •scholar or a perverted person with much of egoism, whereas astrology is meant more to subdue egoism.

3. Good aspects and connection between Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus assist ‘one to consider deeply. Judge properly and interpret correctly.

4. Mars’ beneficial aspect to those planets gives the astrologer the argumentative faculty, the desire to succeed in the material field, and to lead in all pursuits.

5. Only when Moon and Mercury have harmonious aspects, one can have clear exposition, proper wording, good vocabulary and intuition. Moon is called the mind. It is like a mirror exactly reflecting the object. Mercury is for supreme intelligence, as it governs the central nervous system. It is like a lens. Therefore, whenever these two planets either form or receive favorable aspects, they give high imagination, linguistic capability, keen observation, intuitive perception, quick grasp, retentive power, reproductive 28 ability, fluency of speech and general success especially in astrology. So, those who have strong Mercury will thoroughly analyses, properly apply and correctly predict.

6. Saturn and Mercury forming good aspect inone’s chart give concentration and depth of. thought. The native will be exact, precise and methodical. He will be a good mathematician with competence in calculations. He will have much forethought, persistence and reasoning ability.

7. Venus conjoined with Uranus- can give one. the desire to learn astrology. A few may have titlesconferred on them, if Venus and Uranus receive good aspects from Saturn, Moon and Jupiter.

8. Good aspect to Jupiter from other planetsremoves worries, and allows one to pray to God. Harmonious aspect of Mercury and Saturn is needed for concentration.

9. In Horasara, Prithuyasas says that the person at whose birth Moon occupies Cancer (Kark) will, be an astrologer. It does not mean that-all, Cancer born will learn, astrology or at least have faith in astrology. Here one is to combine the Western System of prediction and find out the aspect that is being formed between the position of Moon at birth in. Cancer and that of Saturn, Mercury and Uranus in the chart. If Uranus were “to form adverse aspects with Moon, one will be perverted. If Mercury afflictsMoon, one will utter falsehood or whatever one tries to predict will not come true, especially when the period one runs, is governed by Moon and Mercury. Moon afflicted by Saturn does not allow one to concentratenor will he have self-confidence but be diffident…

10.. Vaidyanatha Dikshitha, in Jataka Parijatham, mentions that people born in the years Prabhava and Kalayukthi will be proficient in astrology. Also, those born in Sathayam or Sathabheeshaik nakshatra and those born in Sakuna Karana will be astrologers. Here also, one is to take that all people born either in Prabhava or Kalayukthi year or Sathabhishak Star or Sakuna Karana, unless they have -good aspects among Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus, cannot learn astrology and predict correctly.

11. Mahadeva, in Jataka Tatva, has said that people having Venus and Mercury in the 2nd or the 3rd house or,

12. People having Mercury in 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 or 11th house or

13. People born in Gemini, having exalted Jupiter, -and

14. Those who have the lord of the Second house in good strength will be good astrologers. Even though in the majority of cases these rules will come true, yet, due to other evil aspects, a few may not have any desire to learn astrology and a few may -even ridicule it due to the affliction.

Often wise people say,

“Gathanu Gathiko Lokaha Na Lokaha Paramarthikaha”

By that, they mean that one should not blindly follow the rules expounded but take pains to find out -the truth and understand their spirit. Therefore, it is necessary for one to take all these into consideration to find out whether the planetary aspects are beneficial to learn astrology and then decide who can make the best use of it by consulting learned and wise astrologers.

Astrology is, no doubt, mysterious and abstruse. It deals with the relation of the Planets in the Heavens .and the occurrences on the Earth.

(1) The students of astrology have to acquire sufficient knowledge in astronomy.

(2) They have to be good in elementary mathematics. They can’t afford to commit any mistake at all in their calculations.

(3) They should be capable of preparing the horoscopes accurately using the correct Ephemeris.

(4) They have to study various books on astrology published by scholars and also the original ones propounded by our sages.

(5) They have to think, think and think, analyses, understand the spirit of the rules, apply and finally come to a conclusion.

(6) Fulfilled and unfulfilled predictions are to be recorded.

(7) when a prediction comes true by adopting certain principles, one has to follow the same. “Often people approach my Guru and express their difficulties.”

(8) Also, one is to find out what modification is. needed for such a method which failed. One need not be discouraged by failures to start with. No, child can, run a race without falling down many a time while attempting to walk in infancy. No cyclist by himself learnt cycling without any scratches and bruises on his body. If any experienced cyclist were to assist him. while learning he may avoid injuries. So also, a Guru, by the side of the student who predicts, will guide and correct him whenever necessary. This gives zeal to the student as he comes out successful.

(9) Study circles and astrological groups are to be formed to discuss various problems and clear doubts.

(10) One has to predict after thoroughly understanding the querist’s temperament. There are some who do not like to hear evil. Even in such cases, the astrologer should mention the evil but express it in a very mild form. Does not a physician give sugar-coated pills to the patient who dislikes bitter medicine. He gives the medicine alright; but does not allow him to feel the bitterness.

The astrologer should not guess. But he should possess the power of correct judgment-and interpretation. He should have a good vocabulary and should use appropriate words. Intuition has to play its part for which devotion to God, and prayers without any disturbance are needed. The Astrologer should enjoy peace of mind and be above want. He should have no worries at all. To be a leader among ‘astrologers, one should be able to argue, convince and establish the correctness of his predictions.

It is for the public to certify whether one is an able astrologer or not; whether one can offer astounding predictions or not. It is unbecoming of an astrologer to boast himself as an expert except on such occasions, when it may be absolutely necessary to create faith in others and impress upon them what he wants to convey, an astrologer should not be over-confident; he should be calm; should apply correct principles, follow many methods, and give clear indications. He should not exaggerate facts etc.; otherwise, he invites trouble later. He should never forget his limitations.

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