Aquarius (Kumbh | कुम्भ)

Aquarius (Kumbh | कुम्भ) Kumbha Rashi is the eleventh sign in Vedic astrology and corresponds to Aquarius in Western astrology. The ruling planets of Kumbha Rashi are Saturn and Uranus. The symbol of this sign is the Water Bearer, which represents the humanitarian and progressive nature of Kumbha Rashi people. They are intellectual, innovative, and altruistic. They value freedom, equality, and justice. They are also friendly, loyal, and original. However, they can also be detached, stubborn, and unpredictable. They need some time alone to recharge their energy and express their emotions. The lucky colors for this sign are blue and black. The Kumbha Rashi consists of Dhanishta (last two quarters), Shatabhisha, and Purva Bhadrapada (first three quarters) Nakshatras.